SOE’s office project capabilities included both
   :: The construction of new buildings, and
   :: The refurbishment of existing office spaces.

In addition to routine HT and LT electrical installations, we are frequently engaged to provide data centre infrastructures.

For refurbishment projects, due to round-the-clock nature of our clients’ business activities, we are often asked to deliver new up-grading with minimum or no interruption to the operations, particularly as a result of unplanned loss of power supply.

Challenges in modern new office building projects include managing fluid design evolution while maintaining site installation momentum. Our experience and ability to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in layout, load requirements, new tenancy provisions, etc in the course of construction enabled us to meet key-dates within budgets and to turn over successful projects.

Our expertise in refurbishment and data centre projects extends to UPS, air conditioning, fire protection and plumbing systems.


Capitol Development @ Stamford Road

Owner Capitol Retail Management Pte Ltd
Capitol Hotel Management Pte Ltd
Capitol Residential Management Pte Ltd
M&E Consultant Arup Singapore
Main Contractor Shimizu Corporation
Contract Sin $23.99 mil
Aug 2012 Apr 2016

Capitol Development at Stamford Road

Chijmes @ Victoria Street

Owner Pre 8 Investments Pte Ltd
M&E Consultant Squire Mech
Main Contractor Sunray Woodcraft Construction
Contract Sin $5.03 mil
Jun 2013 Sep 2015

Chijmes at Victoria Street

Aperia @ Lavender Street

Owner -
HSBC Institutional Trust Servic
M&E Consultant - Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner
Main Contractor - Soil-Build (Pte) Ltd
Contract - Sin $12.6 mil Sep 2012 Jun 2014
Manpower Peak - 70 men
Total - 320,000 man-hrs

Novena Hospital @ Irrawaddy Road

Owner -
Parkway Novena & Parkway Irrawaddy
M&E Consultant - Parsons Brinckerhoff
Main Contractor - Penta-Ocean Construction
Contract - Sin $34.8 mil (Sep 2010 Jun 2012)
Manpower Peak - 240 men
Total - 910,000 man-hrs

Marina Bay Financial Centre @ Marina Boulevard

Owner -
BFC Development
M&E Consultant - Meinhardt
Main Contractor - Kaijima Overseas Asia
Contract - Sin $18.3 mil (Sep 2007 Mar 2010)
Manpower Peak - 85 men
Total - 360,000 man-hrs

Deutsche Bank @ One Raffles Quay

- Deutsche Bank
M&E Consultant - DSCO Group
Main Contractor - ISG Asia
Contract - Sin $10.6 mil (Aug 2006 - Jan 2007)
Manpower Peak - 210 men
Total - 180,000 man-hrs

Singapore Exchange Centre

Client -
Industrial & Commercial Property (S) Pte Ltd
M&E Consultant - Parsons Brinckerhoff
Main Contractor - Kajima Overseas Asia
Contract - Sin $13.5 Mil (Sept 1998 - Jan 2002)
Manpower Peak - 120 men
Total - 290,000 man-hrs


JP Morgan Chase Capital Tower

Client -
JP Morgan Chase
M&E Consultant - J Roger Preston
Project Manager - CMI Limited
Contract - Sin $6.1 Mil (July 2000 - Mar 2001)
Manpower Peak - 140 men
Total - 110,000 man-hrs

OCBC Centre East

Owner -
OCBC Property Services Pte Ltd
M&E Consultant - PCR Engineers
Main Contractor - Nishimatsu Lum Chang JV
Contract - Sin $2.9 Mil (Oct 1994 - Dec 1996)
Manpower Peak - 35 men
Total - 55,000 man-hrs